Bailey coffee shop.jpg

Hey! I'm Bailey.

I'm glad you're here. Welcome to my life.

In childhood I moved around a lot and as a result of that, I figured out how to mesh with all sorts of cultures, backgrounds, and religions. I experienced being "the new kid" over and over again, and finally, as an adult, I made my home in the same town my grandparents were from. There's something hauntingly poetic about filling the space of my ancestors. I imagine that this is what coming home feels like.

I've found that I am far from alone in my search for a place to be known. I'm using this space to make a small, hopeful ripple out into the world. My message is simple: every person holds unmistakable value. I hope that, at least in this community, you are treated as the treasure that you are, and I'm asking you to extend that out to each other. This is a sacred place, and if you need to, call it home.

May you experience the joy of being seen, heard, and known.