Westmore Academy

Westmore Academy is a non-religious homeschool that our family founded in January of 2019. We homeschool because it allows for more time, travel, and swifter academic advancement. I live in a great school district and lean on the public school system to teach the fundamentals of reading, writing, and math. I also partner with our library for educational opportunities, as well as other families who are achieving great results in non-traditional education. It takes a village and I am fortunate to have this one.


I’ve lived in NC my entire life. I’ve seen everything there is to see, or so I thought. Here’s a list I found of in-state adventures and worksheets to accompany them.


Groups & Co-ops

Before I could dive into the world of homeschooling, I interviewed tons of other parents already involved with it. Every single one of them suggested joining a group. Lucky for me they are easy to find.


Learning Styles

I also interviewed teachers and educators. Their most common advice was to determine my child’s learning style and embrace it! Here’s a quick guide to understanding the different styles.